sweet potatoes and caramelized onions 2
When we were college juniors, Lara came to visit. I had just moved into my first apartment. The place was a total gem. There were stains on the carpet. Mint grew on the patio like a bad weed. And, the kitchen had the occasional ant problem. It’s laughable now, but […]

Sweet Potato Toasts

I feel like I threw out this huge bomb. I hadn’t posted since mid-November and then BOOM. ENGAGEMENT. But then again, I think pretty much my entire audience here knows me or my mom or my sister or my brother. You’re probably all my Facebook friends, which is kind of […]

Daily Eggs

Stuffed Shells on the Baguette Taste Wonder Bread Budget blog
So you meet this guy and you kiss a little. You talk a little. You eat, read and laugh a little. And somewhere between peeling oranges and walking dogs, you realize he made it onto your speed dial – and stayed there. Because there’s something about the way he brings […]

Spicy Stuffed Shells