Saturday Steals – Mamnoon

Shamndar Bi Tahini at Mamnoon

In comparison to the tapestry-laden walls you may expect of a Middle Eastern restaurant, Mamnoon’s urban chic interior might seem cold. But, there’s something decidedly comforting about their open kitchen. It greets you at the front door in the way your grandmother would. Or, in the way your grandmother would if she was the kind who baked fresh bread and smelled of toasted flour.

The dinning room is flanked by another open kitchen, effectively giving the appearance that you’re being graciously welcomed into someone’s home. In many ways that’s exactly what’s happening.  Continue reading


Saturday Steals – The Whale Wins

Carrots at The Whale WinsAs the weather turns here in Seattle, picnics become all but a dream. The grass is green nearly year round. But, we pay for this luxury with a September to May drizzle. It leaves Mother Nature’s lush blankets a tad bit damp, even on the warmest of fall days.

I certainly see why this would cause a bit of doom and gloom for those who like to take their nibbles outdoors. But I happily contradict the stance that one must be relegated to a nine-month prison of dark corner eating.

Why? Because Seattle is rich with a collection of light and airy restaurants where walls and roofs are anything but restricting. Such is the case at The Whale Wins.   Continue reading


Latin Inspired Chicken and Rice

Latin Style Chicken and Rice adapted from Cooks Illustrated

I so badly wanted this weekend’s cauliflower coleslaw recipe to be good that it pains me even now to write about anything else. We’ve established this routine, this Sunday schedule of sorts that involves a heavy amount of pot lifting and knife chopping because you know – we’re pretty into eating.

And by we, I mean Garrett. He’s rather insistent about the whole thing. Not that I’m complaining. Even without his daily two-hour trip to the gym, the boy can still pack away a healthy portion of food. Only now, he’s agonizing over what he has (not so fondly) dubbed his beer belly, which he has taken to rubbing as he pouts about getting fat.

He’s not, by the way, getting fat. Not by a long shot.   Continue reading