Sweet Potato, Kale and Sausage Strata
Garrett came home with a 20-pound bag of bread! At least, that’s what it seemed like. It may have been 15 or 10. But the bag was HUGE. Loaves bigger than my head kind of huge. For a second I contemplated being a bread head for Halloween. While I’m not […]

Sweet Potato, Kale and Sausage Strata

Vif. Grilled Gruyere with ham
Big windows flooded the open restaurant with light. Wine bottles adorned the limited walls and stacks of freshly baked goods rested beside the cash register. Vif wasn’t the kind of space into which you sunk and prepared for a nap. The hard tabletops were paired with hard seats and hard […]


Gran making Fig Cookies
I love to cook. I love to stand barefoot in the kitchen with a bit of tomato sauce on my cheek. I like when there’s a drink on the counter and bacon snapping away on the stove. I take comfort in knowing there’s a roast braising and broccoli waiting to […]

Fig Cookies

Like a man whispering, “Lets take this slow,” the smells from Stateside’s kitchen are moan inducing. I’ve always found tempering such anticipation is best done with a drink. Luckily, the cocktail menu doesn’t disappoint. Impressive in its presentation, The Coconut arrives packed with rum in a freshly cracked coconut and […]


Pour 6 ounce of the vodka into a glass and save for another use. Add 6 ounces of sweetened lime juice to the bottle of vodka. Shake. Place in the freezer until completely chilled – at least 6 hours. Serve straight up or on ice.
I’m writing you today from a leather recliner. Garrett and I are sitting on the 12th floor of a downtown Boise condo complex. Out the window I can see the capitol and beyond it brown hills. There’s a glass of iced tea and a gimlet between us. We’re “sharing” them. […]


Napkin Friends
Where were these folks during my college years when I could very much have used their sandwich-esc source of greasy goodness? Aptly named after the item you’ll most definitely need – napkins – this roving food truck is dishing up a gluten free twist on sandwiches that’s been known to […]

Saturday Steals: Napkin Friends