Herb Packed Quinoa Salad

Herb Packed Quinoa SaladFall is no longer coming slowly. He’s arrived. 

The fitful bursts of summer’s heat have all but faded, along with any color my very pale skin may have gathered. Though I’m rather sad that one of my sundresses still hangs unworn, there’s nothing quite so pleasant as standing in your doorway, wearing slippers and holding warm coffee as the rain smacks the deck in front of you.

Nothing perhaps, except being healthy enough to take off said slippers for a good dance among the drops. Unfortunately, I caught a nasty cold. I’ve been told it’s going around.



Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chewy Chocolate Chip CookiesMy apartment building caught fire once. It started in the front bedroom of a corner unit. Pillows of black smoke poured from the windows. Small children ran barefoot into the street. Parents frantically counted, checked, and double-checked that everyone had made it out. My roommate yelled to hurry as she ran for the stairs.

I was searching for my grandmother’s pearls.

I had my laptop in one hand, my passport in the other, and I stuffed that beautiful white strand right into my pocket like the cotton of my sweatpants could protect it.

That’s what I grabbed. In the heat of the moment, my thesis, passport, and pearl necklace were the things – the tangible, physical things – I couldn’t live without.  Continue reading


Sweet Potato Chili

Sweet Potato Chili

Fall is coming. Slowly. He’s arriving in fits and bursts. 

Surprisingly, summer is holding on for dear life. Between the rainy days, she’s shoved in temperatures which teeter around 80. And here ladies and gents, where we’re known for a constant drizzle of grey gloom, 80 is pretty darn impressive.

We’ve been soaking up the sun, reveling in its warmth, if you will. There have been extra trips to the dog park and new strolling paths discovered. There have been baseball games, beers sucked down barefoot while sitting on the deck, and grilling. There’s been lots of grilling.  Continue reading