Sweet Potato Toasts

sweet potatoes and caramelized onions

When we were college juniors, Lara came to visit. I had just moved into my first apartment.

The place was a total gem. There were stains on the carpet. Mint grew on the patio like a bad weed. And, the kitchen had the occasional ant problem.

It’s laughable now, but I was so proud. It was mine. 

I cooked us extravagant meals like dry scrambled eggs and rice pilaf from a box. I served enchiladas packed with enough cheese to send a lactose intolerant person to their grave. I baked the heck out of chicken and then smothered it in Bull’s Eye.

(Lara, I am so sorry!)  Continue reading


Daily Eggs

poached eggs topped with salsa

I feel like I threw out this huge bomb. I hadn’t posted since mid-November and then BOOM. ENGAGEMENT.

But then again, I think pretty much my entire audience here knows me or my mom or my sister or my brother. You’re probably all my Facebook friends, which is kind of crazy if you think about it. When did it suddenly become that things aren’t official until they’re “Facebook official”? I mean really. Garrett doesn’t even like Facebook and there he is three days after I said yes, asking me, “Why haven’t you posted it on Facebook yet? Huh? Why?”  Continue reading


Spicy Stuffed Shells

Stuffed Shells

So you meet this guy and you kiss a little. You talk a little. You eat, read and laugh a little. And somewhere between peeling oranges and walking dogs, you realize he made it onto your speed dial – and stayed there.

Because there’s something about the way he brings you coffee while you’re working and the way his head tilts when he’s shy. There’s something about the small tufts of hair that grow dark on the tops of his shoulders and the beard that comes in thick and red.

It’s the blankets tucked around your feet and the sunrises he wakes you up to watch. It’s the fountain Diet Pepsis, cartons of salted caramel ice cream and warm sweatshirts fresh from the dryer.  Continue reading