Sweet Potato Chili

Sweet Potato Chili

Fall is coming. Slowly. He’s arriving in fits and bursts. 

Surprisingly, summer is holding on for dear life. Between the rainy days, she’s shoved in temperatures which teeter around 80. And here ladies and gents, where we’re known for a constant drizzle of grey gloom, 80 is pretty darn impressive.

We’ve been soaking up the sun, reveling in its warmth, if you will. There have been extra trips to the dog park and new strolling paths discovered. There have been baseball games, beers sucked down barefoot while sitting on the deck, and grilling. There’s been lots of grilling.  Continue reading


Rice and Lentils with Crispy Onions

When you grow up with cousins who live hundreds of miles away, you sort of know them. You know their names and the sports they play. You know that they like to catch fireflies and eat watermelon off the rind. 

And then, as you get a little older and life gets busier, you know them less and less. It’s not because that’s how things are supposed to be. It’s not because that’s how you want them to be. The business of day-to-day living gets in the way of seeing your family.

This is why we can all thank the good Lord for weddings and funerals – for those huge life events that get your butt across the country. Because those big life events get you sharing a glass of scotch with loved ones you don’t really know. These are the life events where you do the important bonding things – the break the seal things – like running through hotel hallways in the wee hours. These are the times when you eat ribs, dance barefoot, and talk a little sh*t about rival football teams. 

These are the times you make a vow to see one another more. (And then wonder if y’all will really keep the promise?)  Continue reading


Lamb Meatballs, spiked with feta

Lamb MeatballsRecently I shared a recipe for Sauteed Corn with Black Beans and Bell Peppers. And then I shared a recipe for Blackberry Cheesecake. I was too excited about both of them to contain myself. 

What I really should have been telling you about is something I briefly covered on Making Language Count. It’s something I feel like I need to shout about, if only so enough people know that I can’t pretend I didn’t say it. (There’s nothing like facing a good dose of public shame to keep a girl’s head on straight!)

I’ve been caught up. I’ve been soooo busy working that it’s consumed my life – literally. I went to Watershed – a three day music festival extravaganza and I worked!  Continue reading