The F Of It – Figs drizzled in Oυζο

I thought to write about churches, views, and slipping on the wet stones of cobbled streets.  I imagined telling of the sea.  How the sand stuck between my toes, its wet grains cooling my feet.  How I road the waves, giggling like a schoolgirl as they crashed on my bobbing head.  I pictured an intricate detailing of the different eggplant dips I have eaten.  Most likely I will come back to one or more of these, but for now I have a far more important matter.  Figs.

It has come to my attention, figs have been miss named.  Don’t figs sound like something healthy you force feed a kid?  I’m certain it’s the f of the word.  The derogatory part of f, not the juicy flank steak f or the strong solid football f, but the mean and dirty f.
Don’t figs look like big green and purple kisses?  What really does it is their pink flesh.  It looks like the lips of a woman, ripe and wet to kiss.  Texture is one my big food hurdles, but figs have a fabulously sturdy skin, which gives my teeth a little bite before I reach the soft center.  The first bite always makes me pause.  Sweet against my tongue, it becomes refreshingly tart as I press the seeds into the roof of my mouth.

Oh figs.  What to name you?  I suppose it’s okay that you also mean, “A worthless trifle.” If others can’t be bothered with you, all the more for me!

We visited one of Ares’ friends the other night.  It was early evening and we sat on their terrace as dusk faded.  Her mom had sun-dried figs and drizzled them with Oυζο.  The sun took the sweetness up a notch and the Oυζο made the tartness sing.  Before we knew it, Ares and I weren’t hungry for dinner.  Instead we strolled home, bellies full of figgy goodness.

I don’t have a drying rack and the weather has refreshingly lost some of its heat, but Oυζο and figs remains a fabulous combination.  We cut them in half and drizzled them with Oυζο.  We ate them on Greek yogurt for breakfast the next day.  Later, I ate them for a snack.

I’m still trying to decide what to re-name them.  Thoughts?

Figs drizzled in Oυζο
Serves 4

4 figs
2 TBS Oυζο

Cut figs in half and sprinkle with Oυζο.  Allow to sit for at least five minutes (that is if you can make it).

Serve at room temperature.

Recipe in print-friendly format

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