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CLOSED – I am really sorry to say Cave Man Kitchen is closed. Apparently, they were taken over by the grand-daughter of the former owner and are now called KC Kitchens but I have yet to get confirmation. For the time being, we can just miss them…

If you’re out near Kent, Cave Man Kitchen is a must. They’re not a BBQ joint and they don’t pretend to be. They are a smokehouse. Their storefront is a little run down, just like you’d expect from a place so good it’s been around since 1971. There’s no indoor seating, but come summer they have plenty of picnic tables out back.

My mom had heard of Cave Man Kitchen, but we’d never tried very hard to find it. Lost in Kent one day, she suddenly pulled off the road and there it was. Yup, it was was lunchtime.

Since then, we have been back and sent several people. I have tried the Salmon Dip and BBQ Pork Sandwich. Both meats were packed with crazy amounts of flavor and served on crusty baguettes. I preferred the Salmon Dip, minus the dip. Both my mom and I found it too salty. Frankly, it tasted a little like seawater.

Will a sandwich more than fill you up? Yes. If you just get a sandwich will you be missing out? Definitely. You need to order the Dragon Wheels. The mixture includes oven baked potatoes, carrots, and onions  mixed with pork cubes for bites which make you pause and smile to yourself for a second. I recommend saving a small piece of your sandwich bread to sop up the Dragon Wheels sauce when all the veggies are gone.

For one person, Cave Man Kitchen isn’t a steal of a deal for lunch. But, the sandwiches are huge. Sharing a sandwich and an order of Dragon Wheels is more than enough to fill you up and splitting the cost means you won’t break the bank.

BBQ Pork Sandwich: $7.89
Salmon Dip: $8.99
Dragon Wheels: $3.79

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5 thoughts on “Saturday Steals – Cave Man Kitchen – RE-OPENED!!!

  • Jo

    FYI… Read your post and thought I’d share what I know. (April 2012) Cave Man Kitchen in Kent, WA is open (yay!) and back under the management/ownership of the creator Dick Donley’s daughter, Roseanna (as of Dec. 2011). She is proud to be back, bringing all her dad’s original recipes in hopes of bringing the Cave Man into it’s 41st year and better than ever.
    Dick Donley’s patented local NW wood smoke roasted meats and sandwich combinations are amazing and worth a try. It’s not your typical american bbq.. this is smoke-roasting bbq which renders the meat smokey tender, yet juicy and delicious. The salmon dip you pictured is a fav and my last visit I tasted the ham with gingered chutney on french bread. It is my new fav sandwich ever.
    Anyway, the place over the last 5-7 years was basically run very sloppily, cutting corners and started to ruin it’s golden reputation. Now that Roseanna is back, she is committed to bringing back the glory of her Dad’s place of pride. So, when you stop in.. ask for Roseanna, she loves to meet fans and will also give you a sampling of something you never tried.. she loves introducing what she’s so proud of.
    Hope that helps! 🙂

    • Mikaela L. Cowles Post author

      Jo – Thank you so much. I want’s wait to make the trip back. What a fantastic bit of news. And, I’ll definitely ask for Roseanna. It sounds like you know her well. what a great friend (or loyal fan) you are!