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Lecosho is tucked half way up the Harbor Steps. It sits right at the place on your trek up when you think, “Is there really another flight?” Their entrance is humble – a simple sign, adorned by a pig. Don’t be fooled. Their menu is a far cry from slop. It is simplistic elegance and bold flavors.

The kitchen is open to diners. From nearly every seat you can see prep-boards, stovetops, and busy chefs. If you want to take full advantage of their peak-a-boo view of Puget Sound, ask to sit at a table. I enjoy sitting at the bar and chatting with the friendly bartenders. The lunch and dinner menus are not exorbitantly priced, but I suggest going for Happy Hour and trying a few different small plates.

Their Happy Hour menu ranges anywhere $3 to $7, with the outlier of $14 Oregon Natural Meats Petite Sirloin Steak. The Spaetzle is okay. It’s the kind of comfort food you want to eat sitting on a couch under a blanket. But there is no couch or blanket, so I’d skip it. The House Green Salad on the other hand, is tossed in a tangy vinaigrette and adorned by a soft boiled egg. The rich, oozing yolk is like the secret pleasure of a velvet-lined coat.

If you’re in the mood for spice, check out the Steamed Clams Piri Piri. The chile-beer broth is heavy on chile and light on beer. I suggest ordering them with the Columbia City Bakery Baguette. Add a touch of the house olive relish to a slice of the rustic baguette, and top it with a warm clam. It may not be your most refined dinning moment, but it’ll be one of the best open-faced sandwiches you’ve ever had. Don’t be afraid to lick your fingers. I’m sure the cooks take it as a compliment.

For meat lovers, I recommend the Beef Short Ribs. The stella espresso rub adds another depth to the braising flavor and the addition of acid from the pickled beets makes the sweetness of the meat sing.

I saved the best for last because I wouldn’t recommend ordering it first. You might not order anything else. Before coming to Lecosho, the review I’d read of the Grilled Sardine Tartine was less than complimentary. However, after visiting them several times and eating the sardines on every occasion, I’d have to say the reviewer had an unfortunately bad night. The Grilled Sardine Tartine combines three texture layers in a salty bite which makes you hold onto the bar for a moment. They are served on a thinly sliced, toasted baguette which crunches against your teeth. It is slathered with a generous helping of house made aioli. It’s rich. It’s smooth. It makes you breathe a little heavy.

Could you share these sardines? Yes. Will you? Maybe. Would I? No. You’d have to order your own.

If you want a drink, they have Happy Hour drink deals too. Make sure to ask what the cocktail special is for the night. You never know if it’s going to be a traditional Manhattan or unnamed concoction of tequila, ginger beer, and black pepper.

Grilled Sardine Tartine: $5
Oregon Natural Meats Petite Sirloin Steak: $14
Steamed Clams Piri Piri: $6
Spaetzle: $5
Beef Short Ribs: $7
House Green Salad: $5
Columbia City Bakery Baguette: $3

Red, White, & Rose wine Specials: $4
Tap Beer Special: $3
Cocktail Special: $5

More about where this is listed and how I’m spreading the word about Lecosho…

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8 thoughts on “Saturday Steals – Lecosho

  • Mario

    Hi Mikaela, I stopped by to visit your blog and say hello and say thank you for adding me as a friend on FB. Your food looks soooo deelicious! You know, I grew up on wonder bread. And rainbow bread. It was good stuff. I went to school with sandwiches everyday. Thanks to Wonder and Rainbow. I write a blog on Food and Relationships. All told through stories. Please stop by. Visit. Maybe Follow. It would be great to have you.

  • April @ The 21st Century Housewife

    I have not been to Seattle yet (it’s on my list!) but when I do get there I know exactly where I want to eat! Your descriptions of the food at Lecosho had my mouth watering, and the atmosphere sounds just wonderful. I’m really enjoying reading your lovely blog – I’m so glad I discovered it via your Foodbuzz friend request!

  • admin Post author

    Thanks so much you guys. @Ryan – I need to go back before they are all tapped out. @Mario – I’m glad that wonder bread feed you so well. @April – Yes, definitely add Seattle to your list, but come in July, when everything is still green and the sun is out. You’ll like Lecosho even better then, when the peak-a-boo view of is of the sun off the water!

  • Mike

    This meal is amazing! I want it now – and it’s only 11am! And that sardine tartine! I might have to make that at home. Thanks for the Foodbuzz add!

    • admin Post author

      OH MAN! It is. If you are ever in Seattle you should hit it up. I asked them why their the Sardine Tartine was so good and they said the quality of their sardines. Apparently they are imported, but I imagine you could find something of the same caliber at a specialty store. If you do, let me know the brand. I might need to pick some up.

  • manju

    That last comment took me by surprise and I had to go back and look at the photo cuz I thought the sardine was fresh. Hmmm, my hubby is something of a canned sardine connoisseur (oxymoron?) so I’ll have to scour his stash to see if anything pops and maybe try that Tartine at home. ; )