Saturday Steals – Honoré Artisan Bakery 2

Behind the small counter of Honoré Artisan Bakery is a bustling crowd of eccentric bakers. They’re kneading, pounding, and rolling dough into both sweet and savory bites. Honoré is best known for their macaroons. These small cookies, packed with a smooth and rich filling, come in a variety of flavors. If you are a traditionalist, the Chocolate or Hazelnut are wonderful. But, if you’re looking to mix things up, try the Lavender. It is topped with small, edible flowers.

For me, the real deal of Honoré is at the bottom of their display case. The Kouign (pronounced queen) Amman is not the most attractive treat they have, but you know what they say: don’t judge a book by its cover. This buttery pastry is covered with a salty caramel top. A little bit of sweet, a lot of salt, and a generous helping of butter.

A word of warning, this is one treat you want to buy early in the day. When it sits for too long, it becomes a little dry.

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