Saturday Steals – Morucci’s Si Mangia Bene – “We Eat Well” 2

“We eat well,” is the motto at Morucci’s, a spot-on deli tucked into a quiet Walnut Creek neighborhood. After hearing praise for this small sandwich shop for years, I finally managed to enjoy their peaceful patio seating for lunch.Every hour is happy hour with their reasonable prices and perfect sandwich-making technique. What exactly does sandwich making technique entail? Look no further than Morucci’s impeccably toasted ciabbata bread, evenly spread toppings, and quality ingredients.

Biting into one of their specialty sandwiches (ranging from $6.25 to $6.99) you first experience the terrific crunch of the toasted ciabatta. Then the soft insides of the bread warm your mouth, prepping you for an explosion of flavors.

I chose the #6½ ($6.99) which piles roasted bell peppers, fresh mozzarella, tomato slices, and fresh basil on top of thinly sliced proscuitto. All of this is drizzled with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Italian herbs, and pesto. It sounds like a messy endeavor, but the experts at Morucci’s know how to make a sandwich with minimal loss of toppings.

I think this was the best sandwich I have ever had. It helps that I am obsessed with balsamic vinegar, basil, tomatoes and pesto. But even if you are not as crazy about these ingredients as I am, you will still love the complexity of the acidic flavors mingling with the creamy mozzarella.

My co-luncher tried the California Club ($6.75), which was also delectable (although I did not think it was as good as mine). Surprisingly, this CA Club does not come with avocado and is accompanied by Swiss instead of cheddar. While these deviations many seem negative to CA Club aficionados, they were pleasant changes. The sandwich was more manageable without the slippery green slices sliding everything around. Freshly sliced turkey melded nicely with the Swiss. Bacon slices were a crisp and tasty addition along with lettuce, tomato, and thinly sliced red onion. To finish this special off, a mayo-like dressing brought the sandwich together beautifully.

Morucci’s lived up to the praise and its motto. Bravo! Grazie per il delizioso pranzo!

#6½: $6.99
California Club: $6.75

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