Saturday Steals – Taqueria Tres Hermanos

Should you make it to Tacoma, the City of Destiny as my brother likes to say, Taqueria Tres Hermanos is worth checking out. Open late, they are a neighborhood favorite. They offer decent prices, large platter meals, and the ability to call in an order.

Again, I’m into the lengua. These tacos aren’t as good as Taqueria Guadalajara’s and they’re a little bit more expensive, but at 10:00 PM, Bellevue’s a long drive for a taco and these are pretty good.  Sure Jack in the Box has two tacos for $0.99 and these are one for $1.00, but you’re getting WAY more meat, a soft tortilla, and an all around better deal.

I also had the Carne Asada platter. It was tasty, but next time I’m going to order just tacos.

Lengua Tacos: $1.00
Carne Asada: $8.99

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4 Responses to Saturday Steals – Taqueria Tres Hermanos

  1. Oh we will so be stopping here next time we head down to Portland!

  2. Mikaela! I love this idea! I wish you traveled around and found some Saturday Steals for me in the D.C. area! I think some of the best places to eat in terms of both quality and value are small, family owned restaurants! I love your blog and will be visiting often! : )

  3. That’s it… we’re going to eat Mexican tonight. It looks delicious. I’d take one for $1 here for sure. YUM!

  4. I really enjoy eating mexican food. I can’t usually pronounce the name of their dishes properly but that still doesnt stop me from eating out at mexican restaurants…hehe.

    These tacos look so good and so cheap too!

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