FareStart’s Guest Chef on the Waterfront Raises $100,000 2

For how rainy the day began, it turned into a beautiful and sunny evening for FareStart’s Guest Chef on the Waterfront fundraiser. As the sun slipped toward the horizon, guests enjoyed appetizers and drinks from some of best local restaurants and wineries.

FareStart is a culinary job training and placement program for homeless and disadvantaged individuals. Rather than giving someone a meal or place to sleep, they equip men and women to provide for themselves and transform their lives. Nearly $100,000 was raised for this fabulous organization.It is an honor and privilege to be the new Assistant Editor for the Seattle’s Best Dining App. The App is written by nationally recognized restaurant reviewer, Deborah Ashin. It allows you to quickly find restaurants to suit your mood, location, and budget. 50 percent of all Seattle’s Best Dining App. proceeds are donated to FareStart. Visit my Facebook page for your chance to win a free Seattle’s Best Dining App. or buy your own here. (See contest details below.)

The event was teeming with foodies and FareStart supporters. There was some jovial jostling over space at Bell Harbor’s Pier 66 and Elliott Hall. Long lines stretched throughout the crowded room for particularly enticing bites, such as Skillet’s pork belly on a soft rice bun. It took nearly 15 minutes to make it to Skillet’s window. But, between the stunning view of the Sound and Deborah’s wonderful company, it was worth the wait for the delightfully lean and well-seasoned pork belly. However, by the time we had our sliders, they were out of the pickled jalapeño and carrot cilantro slaw condiments. Still, we counted ourselves lucky. It wasn’t much longer before Skillet was forced to close their window and turn away the remainder of the line.

Though there were many delicious bites throughout the evening, the desserts certainly won my vote. My favorite was from Barking Frog at Willows Lodge. The triple layer dessert started with a peanut butter powder, moved into a chocolate mousse, and ended with a caramel mousse salted with Fleur De Sel. It was rich, decadent, and surprisingly as good from the first bite to the last.

If I had to pick based on presentation, I’d go with the “Oregonzola” ice cream push-pop from 2100 Bistro and Bar. Their “Oregonzola” ice cream was made with a touch of gorgonzola and delivered in a plastic push-pop. They were grown-up sherbet rockets, topped with a cherry. Fun, tasty, and slightly erotic in nature – what better party dessert is there?

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