Saturday Steals – Conveyor Belt Sushi?

When I think, “Conveyor belt sushi,” I also think, “No thank you. Next.” But, after reading Seattle Magazine’s review of Genki Sushi, I took a closer bite. The potential for cheap, good sushi, was too enticing.

Sadly, my experience didn’t measure up to my expectations. (This is the first time Seattle Magazine’s recommendations haven’t been spot on. It was a sad day.) The dinner wasn’t all bad, but the sushi left something to be desired. The rolls looked lifeless on the conveyor belt and slightly more depressing once they were in front of me. I think this was a reflection of how empty the restaurant was. There were only four other diners at any one time, so the turnover rate on the conveyor belt was extremely low. Had it not been, I think my experience would have been different. The few “side dishes” we ordered were prepared fresh and were decent.

What was extremely cheap, and sure to be good no matter how busy the restaurant , was the beer. You’ll be hard pressed to beat $1.00 for a 9-ounce draft of Kirin anywhere else in the city. Served 4 PM – close, seven days a week, this is a fabulous option for a cheap pre-party drink.

Should you choose to give Genki Sushi a try, I strongly recommend going when it’s crowded. Otherwise, stick to the beer and freshly prepared options.

Sushi Rolls: $1.00 – $3.00
Pot Stickers: $1.50
Shrimp Tempura: $2.00
Kirin: $1.00 (from 4 PM – Close)

500 Mercer St
Seattle, Washington 98109


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