Canary Melons 4

Stop what you’re doing. Go to the store. Buy a yellow Canary Melon. Don’t worry. I’ll wait. Trust me. You’ll thank me. Imagine honeydew meets Tahiti sun and you’ll begin to understand the Canary Melon’s sweetness. It’s extra juicy. The kind of fruit which calls for wet wipes.

If you’re like me, you didn’t know what it was until now. It was the strange looking yellow thing next to the watermelons. Fortunately, it’s also in season and incredibly cheap! Go, I tell you. When you hesitate over its football like form, just tuck it under your arm. That’s what I did. There wasn’t much time to stand perplexed over the yellow gourd. Actually, there hasn’t been much time for cooking this summer. Or time for shopping, blogging, playing basketball, paintingnails, and cleaning bedrooms. Between working and playing, I’ve been lucky to find time for sleeping. But after all, can you blame me for hanging out with this handsome gent?

And, who’d skip time with their hilarious friend?

Wouldn’t you want to watch Guys and Dolls at the 5th Avenue Theater in your symphony hat?

Could you say no to a day on the boat?

Obviously, you too would laugh at this back flop. After you made sure he was okay of course.

I’m glad there was no time to hesitate. This was one I’ll be getting again.

Canary Melon Serving Suggestions
1) Seeded, sliced, and served on the rind
2) Seeded, sliced, cut from the rind, and wrapped in prosciutto
3) Seeded, sliced, cubed, and tossed with other fruit such as cantaloupe and blueberries

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