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As my mom took a bite of a hot beignet, she exhaled. Powdered sugar blew throughout my car. It dusted the dash, clung to the steering wheel, and coated her black pants. We giggled at the sweet white beard stuck to her face, and then we finished the rest of the beignets.

Don’t be fooled by the slightly crunchy crust on these deep-fried southern doughnuts. The dense, moist center makes you contemplate if they’re stuffed with cream filling – they aren’t. Doused in powdered sugar, they are best eaten first. Yes, eat dessert first. No one will blame you – least of all yourself.

Plan on sharing an order of beignets. Your tummy will need the room. Where Ya At Matt? serves up gargantuan po’boys. These get-into-your-belly sandwiches are Matthew Lewis’ Cajun/Cerole creations. Inspired by memories of his childhood in New Orleans, Matt has been showing Seattleites what living to eat is all about.

His Peace Maker mixes the rich flavor of deep-fried oysters with the salty bite of house-smoked bacon. Topped off with cheddar, aioli, pickles, peppers and lettuce, trying to share this sandwich might actually start a fight. Slightly smaller fried po’boy creations include the oyster and the shrimp. Be careful with the shrimp though, it can have a fishy after taste.

Other reviews about the pork po’boy made me a little unsure. Perhaps they inspired a change because I found nothing dry about the BBQ meat and coleslaw concoction. The bold Creole seasonings packed a spicy punch letting you taste the flavors without dominating your mouth in heat. It is matched with tart slices of Granny Smith apple and a cilantro spread.

For cold weather days, the gumbo is ideal. Filled with shredded chicken and chunks of Andouille sausage, it’s a bowl full of warming goodness. This isn’t a side to your meal. It’s a meal all in of itself. I recommend ordering the large and hunkering down with a spoon.

Why is an $8.00 – $12.00 sandwich a cheap lunch? Because when I say gargantuan, I’m talking about a two-meal sandwich. This is a cut-in-half and save-for-later type of deal or a stuff yourself and take a lazy nap. Both are good choices.

Lastly, a word of caution – most dishes are heavy on the salt. If you have a low salt tolerance, proceed cautiously.

Open from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM Monday through Saturday.

Current Truck Locations
Monday: Belltown – 2701 First Ave, Seattle, WA 98121
Tuesday: SODO – 2401 Utah Ave. S, Seattle, WA 98134
Wednesday: South Lake Union – 309 Pontius Ave. N, Seattle, WA 98109
Thursday: Georgetown – 947 Doris Street, Seattle, WA 98108
Friday: Interbay – 16th and Dravus (at the 76 Station)
Saturday: Interbay – 16th and Dravus (at the 76 Station)

For the latest information visit their website or follow them on twitter account @WhereYaAtMatt.

Po Boys
Oysters: $10.00
Shrimp: $9.00
Roast Beef: $8.00
BBQ Bold Creole Pork: $8.00
Smoked Portabello: $9.00
Peacemaker: $12.00
Andouille Sausage: $9.00
Catfish: $10.00
Muffeletta: $8.00

Jambalaya: $5.00 (small)/$8.00 (large)
Gumbo: $5.00 (small)/$8.00 (large)
Hot Beignets: $4.00 (coffee +$1.00)

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