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Cauliflower Soup. I repeat, CAULIFLOWER SOUP. Even if you start sweating profusely when you sit down because your waitress remembers you from high school and you can’t place her to save your life, order the Cauliflower Soup. Little else matters while you enjoy Toulouse Petit’s creamy combination of pureed cauliflower and salty hunks of Dungeness crab brought together with a drizzling of truffle oil. At least until the bowl is empty. Should you need to gather your sweaty self, I recommend a trip to the bathroom. It takes you past the open kitchen where you’ll catch a glimpse of the busy chefs.You’ll want to visit Toulouse Petit with a good friend or two. The stunning décor with glass lanterns, soft wood booths, and artistically tiled floor inspires long conversations. The service, though not without its hiccups (I’ll come back to them in a second), is incredibly friendly. My mom, our good friend Valerie, and I went after the lunch rush. Which is a good time, if you’re looking to stick around for a while.Enjoying their extended Restaurant Week Lunch Special, we each ordered a three-course lunch for $15.00. Hiccup number one popped up with the arrival of our first course – our entrees in place of our appetizers. I have since learned, Toulouse Petit is well known for its discombobulated service. But, it is also known for correcting the situation graciously. As a diner, it would be easy to cause a scene and as a restaurant, it would be easy to brush off mistakes. Toulouse Petit and our table did neither. The Maître d’ quickly to apologized and asked how we’d like the situation handled. Our table had a good laugh and enjoyed our meal a little out of order. Furthermore, our bill arrived with a 30 percent discount. The result was a good lunch and a great story.

Now more about the food! Unfortunately, hiccup number two was more serious. Both the dishes my mom had were incredibly salty. It tasted a little like the chef got distracted while the saltshaker was held over her salads. I can’t say I’d order their Windsor Court’ Salad with Dungeness Crab or Gulf Shrimp Salad again. However, I lean toward giving them the benefit of the doubt because the Yellow Beets and Haricots Verts salad I bursted with bright flavors.Despite the salad disasters, lunch was an overall success. I’ve already expressed my love for the Cauliflower Soup. (If you missed it, read the beginning of this post again.) We also tried a Wild Mushroom, Prosciutto, and Pine Nut Tagliattelle. The rich cream sauce was cut by salty prosciutto, while earthy mushrooms played against sage and thyme. It was savory decadence on a plate.

The best deal of the day was an arugula, basil, tomato, and prosciutto sandwich topped with house made mozzarella. Imagine a caprese salad with salty prosciutto between a toasted baguette. It was packed with hints of sweet and salty, and rounded out with a touch of acid.
                For dessert we shared a Flourless Chocolate Torte with a texture reminiscent of velvet, a Pear and Hazelnut Tart, and Buttermilk Beignets. Of the three, order the torte. The tart’s flavors were flat. And though good, the beignets are nothing compared to the ones at Where Ya At Matt.

Cauliflower Soup: $9.00
Beat Salad: $8.00
Arugula, Basil and House Made Mozzarella with Prosciutto Sandwich: $10.00
Wild Mushroom, Prosciutto and Pine Nuts Tagliattelle: $14.00

70 Happy Hour Choices- 50 priced under $5
Pommes Frites with Aioli: $3.95
Sliders: $4.95
Cauliflower Gratin: $4.95
Brussel Sprouts with Bacon Lardons: $4.95
Flourless Chocolate Torte: $6.00
Pear – Hazelnut Frangipane Tart: $6.00
Buttermilk Beignets: $5.00

Happy Hour Cocktails:
15 Premium Cocktails: $6.95
10 Wines by the Glass:$7 or less
10 popular shots: $5

601 Queen Anne Ave. N
Seattle, WA 98119

(206) 432-9069

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5 Responses to Saturday Steals – Toulouse Petit

  1. I’ve never been to Seattle and until today I didn’t have a reason to visit but now… getting a bowl of this soup seems a worthwhile endeavor.

  2. Cauliflower and fresh crab soup? Yes, please. On my list of places to visit for sure!

  3. You had me at cauliflower soup…I’m putting this place on my list to try. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I LOVE that soup!! I guess I need to try the beignets at Where ya at Matt, because I really like these!

  5. Love the combination of the Cauliflower & Crab! Sad to hear that your mom’s food was so salty… Many times it is the other way around – food is too bland.
    Great photos :)

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