Four Spoons Café

Four Spoons CafeThis is the kind of café that screams, come with a friend. A good friend. A friend you can sip coffee with and “umm” over food with. The one you can gossip about the waiter’s perky attitude, contemplate the merits of alcove seating, and admire the real fireplace with.

Are you with a friend yet? Have you visited Four Spoons Café?

If you have, you’ve been forced to decide between the Breakfast Burrito filled with black beans and eggs and topped with a bright cilantro lime sauce; Chilaquiles – eggs scrambled with tortillas, salsa, onions, and jalapeno sauce; and Green Chile Eggs including three eggs and slow roasted pork smothered in a mild green chile sauce. There’s a lunch menu too, but I’d keep my sights on what starts the day off right – eggs. And, these three delightful breakfast items deliver. Though they are big enough to share, you might not want to. They’re delicious enough to make you keep eating.

Breakfast Burrito: $9.95
Chilaquiles: $9.95
Green Chile Eggs: $11.50

850 NW 85th Street
Seattle, WA 98117


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3 Responses to Four Spoons Café

  1. I am having breakfast with a friend next weekend. Hopefully we can sit in the alcove, sip coffee and enjoy the fire! What a hoot.

  2. That breakfast burrito looks AMAZING!

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