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Hone your restraining chops before strolling into Homegrown. Even with a partner in crime, keeping your sandwich order to a consumable size can be difficult. Console yourself with their reasonable prices. This sustainable shop is a budget friendly meal both you and your wallet will enjoy.

You could opt for their traditional sandwich fixings like turkey-bacon-avocado or roast beef-Swiss. But, it’s their more unique bread stuffing combinations which make them shine. For example, their pairing of roasted beets and goat cheese hits you first with a bit of tang and follows it up with a smooth, cooling punch. They give sweet squash additional life from a bright pea pesto. Meat lovers clamor over their roasted pork, rubbed in a coffee-cayenne combo and served with pickled onions.Salads, like their sandwiches, also feature traditional options. While their classic Ceasar is a sure thing, the re-appearing roasted beet and goat cheese combination steals the show. For the sweeter leaf filled bowl, dried figs and hazelnuts are dressed with chive tarragon vinaigrette.

Kicking its regular menu’s butt, Homegrown’s specials highlight seasonal picks such as their watermelon caprese sandwich. Smooth whisked feta plays against the sweet watermelon and balsamic reduction, while the thickly sliced heirloom tomato gives the sandwich its much needed bulk.

Beer is available (always a plus) and if you’re looking to “skip” something, dessert is the way to go. The cookies are small and unimpressive.

Located within the Melrose Market, it might be hard to find a seat. (Additional locations include Fremont & Capitol Hill.) If you’re up for the hike, the Cal Anderson Park near Seattle Central Community College isn’t a bad option for spreading out picnic style.

Parking can be as difficult as finding a seat. Most of it is metered, but check Bellevue Ave. where there are a few unmetered 1-hour spots.

Roasted Beat & Goat Cheese: $6/$10
Ham & Beecher’s: $7/$10
Roasted Pork: $6/$10
Watermelon Caprese (Served Seasonally): $7/$10 (add Prosciutto: $1)

Salads (Add roast beef or turkey to any salad: $3)
Beet: $7/$10
Fig & Hazelnut: $7/$10

Mon. – Sun. 8:00 am – 8:00 pm

Melrose Market
1501-1535 Melrose Ave.
Seattle, WA 98122

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