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Wrap your mitts around one of The Other Coast’s loaded sandwiches and just see if you’re at all interested in continuing the friendly conversation you struck up with the lady next to you. (I wasn’t.)

These napkin necessary extravaganzas are as flavor packed as the eclectic crowd who gathers to devour them. The miss-match mix of families with kids, girlfriends on girlfriend dates, co-workers grabbing a bite, and senior citizens dropping in during their afternoon stroll fills this quaint shop.
Its rustic, unrefined interior is perfectly matched to its longstanding history as a Ballard original. While salads and soups are not a bad option (we’ll come back to them in a second), the sandwiches are a must. Picky eaters opt to build their own, but the predesigned selection offers some mouthwatering delights.

The classic Reuben is a 1000 Island Dressing-pastrami sure bet, but I’d ask for an extra side of mustard. The spicier Rajun Cajun drips with salsa mayo. It’s a good eat–immediately sandwich, but be careful ordering it to go. It’s not quite so tasty once cold. (Being the confessionholic I am, I have to admit, the entire sandwich has never made it the whole ride anywhere with me.)

Previously a special, those in the know order the fantastic combo of turkey, pesto, pepperoncinis, lettuce and mayo on a baguette. (It’s relatively travel-friendly, so if you think you won’t be able to finish, save the second half for lunch the next day.)
A collection of not-so dinnery tasting salads come dressed in house made vinaigrette. Particularly interesting is the potato salad, flavored with roasted garlic and served in a share-friendly portion size. Made from scratch soups are also available. Be sure to check the reader board as their selection changes daily.
Last, but not least, the pickles are HUGE. That’s right – HUGE. All caps kind of HUGE. Can barely fit them in your mouth HUGE. Order one. Eat one. Love one. You can’t go wrong with these salty babies. Unless of course, you don’t like pickles.

Words of Wisdom:
For the most travel friendly sandwiches (no matter where you’re ordering) ask for the mayo on the side. Soggy bread is a sandwiches’ worst enemy.

While parking can sometimes be hard to find in Ballard, look one block west on Shileshole Avenue NW. Street parking is typically available.

Rajun Cajun: $8.75 (7”) / 15.95 (14”)
Ruben: $8.75 (7”) / 15.95 (14”)
Potato Salad: $1.95
Pickles: ~$1.00

5315 Ballard Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107

Capitol Hill
721 E. Pike Street
Seattle WA 98122

Ballard – (206) 789-0936
Capitol Hill – (206) 257-5927

Monday – Saturday 10:30 am – 7:00 pm
Sunday 10:30 am – 6:00 pm

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