Saturday Steals – Café Presse

I’ve waited to write about this because I wasn’t sure if I should. Between my disappointment and disgust, it was difficult to tell you about Café Presse. It seemed almost wrong to admit I really did love the olive tapenade, soft-boiled egg, tomato concoction. I didn’t know if I should admit the crusty baguette packed with melted bittersweet chocolate was a dripping mess of goodness.

Why? In two words – fruit flies. They were everywhere. As soon as the food arrived, they descended. What I found even more off-putting was when I mentioned the onslaught of unwanted guests, the waitress acted like it was no big deal. She offered to open a window.

Open a window?? Really people??
Alright, enough with the rant. Here’s the deal. Café Presse has a great atmosphere with a fun, urban chic look. If you’re into soccer or want foreign magazines, they have you covered. And, when the fruit flies are not also inhabiting their dining room, it’s a pretty good, affordable place to grab a small bite and a drink.

Would I go back? Probably. But, I’d ask about the fruit flies first.

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4 Responses to Saturday Steals – Café Presse

  1. The fruit flies would totally turn me off! YUCK.

  2. Ick – fruit flies? I’ve been to Cafe Presse a couple of times without any fruit fly invasion, so give it another chance (after checking first, of course). Love the baguette with chocolate!!

  3. Just ate there it was great! There was a fruit fly–but just one (I was on the look out). I’d go back.

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