Weekday Eggnog 4

I love the sound of my husband’s snore. Not the foghorn snore he makes when he’s sick. That snore is like fingernails on a chalkboard. Nor do I love the grunting snore he makes when he’s lifted too hard. That snore makes me want to sucker punch him in his […]

Weekday Eggnog

Rhubarb and Jalapeno Tonic

Rhubarb and Jalapeño Tonic 2

We’re celebrating my birthday this week!!!! I’m turning 31. THIRTY ONE! I’ve been told it’s not quite the same milestone as the big 3 – 0. And maybe it’s not. It certainly hasn’t been creeping up with the same gifts of a slowing metabolism and aging skin. (I’ve been there. […]


I’m writing you today from a leather recliner. Garrett and I are sitting on the 12th floor of a downtown Boise condo complex. Out the window I can see the capitol and beyond it brown hills. There’s a glass of iced tea and a gimlet between us. We’re “sharing” them. […]

Pour 6 ounce of the vodka into a glass and save for another use. Add 6 ounces of sweetened lime juice to the bottle of vodka. Shake. Place in the freezer until completely chilled – at least 6 hours. Serve straight up or on ice.

Seafair Menu 4

There was one Seafair Friday, I couldn’t have been older than 10, when my mom and I got stuck on the 520 floating bridge. The Blue Angels were practicing. At the time, my mom was driving a blue Suburban – the huge boxy kind that looked more like a tank […]

Inside My Mail Box – Salted Coffee 2

I don’t get a lot of mail. As I’ve gotten older I get more bills and less birthday invitations. It has been years since someone’s invited me to freeze tag, swimming and cake. Each month I do get a few special things – magazines. My mom subscribes me to a […]

Vanilla Cinnamon Coffee

Normally I take my coffee like my mom does.  Black.  Since I was little, I remember her telling me how she learned to drink coffee.  When she asked her grandfather for a cup, he said she could only have some if she promised, “Not to bastardize it.”  It was one […]