The F Of It – Figs drizzled in Oυζο

I thought to write about churches, views, and slipping on the wet stones of cobbled streets.  I imagined telling of the sea.  How the sand stuck between my toes, its wet grains cooling my feet.  How I road the waves, giggling like a schoolgirl as they crashed on my bobbing […]

Fortifying For The Day – Fruit Parfaits

Wake up.  Roll lazily over in bed.  Crawl upstairs.  Brew coffee.  Sit on the veranda, read with caffeine and watch the sun come over the trees. My mornings here are divine.  I like to eat after my first cup of coffee.  There is something about its strong bitter taste which […]

Grilled Watermelon with honey and mint

Happy (belated) 4th of July!  I don’t know about you, but I was having too much fun to be by the computer yesterday.  I spent the whole day with my family in Oregon.  We started on the back porch with breakfast, watching golfers cruise by.  Then it was off to […]

Strawberry Caprese

One summer in college, I was really lucky and my parents flew me to Finland to visit one of my teammates.  One day we went to her summer home.  Her parents drove us through the twisting Finish countryside of green fields lined by trees.  We turned off the small highway […]