Sweet Potato Brussels Sprout Hash

This weekend, my sister and I got matching tattoos. They are birds, small ones with black beaks and black wings. They’re on our ankles. It took roughly 30 seconds to put them on. And, we rocked those fake babies like it was our job. I still am.  Why do a […]

Sweet Potato Brussels Sprout Hash by Mikaela Cowles

Savory Black Bean and Roasted Corn from Baguette Taste Wonder Bread Budget

Black Bean and Roasted Corn with Poached Eggs 2

Recently I went to Fort Worth, Texas. It was a whirlwind. An older southern gentleman told me I was there during a very good time. “The heat hasn’t hit,” he said, his drawl pulling at the letters. There was basketball, lots of basketball. There were drinks and bull riding. (The […]

Chicken Pot Pie 6

My mom used to read to me. We would read at bedtime and getting ready for school time. We’d sneak in a few pages before carpool and while waiting for my brother’s baseball practice to end. We’d read and read and then we’d talk. We discussed the Holocaust and the […]

Bo Ssam – Like a Lover 4

Sometimes a recipe gets under your skin. It climbs into you and says, “Make me. Make me. Make me.” It’s times like this when you find an eight-pound pork shoulder brining in the fridge. You might wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into with the rinsing, baking, braising, and broiling still […]

Character Meat – Long, Slow Braising 3

When you’re dealing with old meat, tough meat, meat that’s got some character to its bite, it’s best braised. Basically, you need to cook the bejesus out of it, long and slow, so it breaks down to something tender. I imagine my grandmother and great grandmother braised a lot of […]

Teasing and Braising, Short-Ribs 5

I’m not one of those girls who sets out to tease. In fact, I’m really bad at it. I have no idea what flirting even looks like. Any successful flirting I have done in the past is by pure accident. Instead, I’m normally the girl sticking her foot in her […]