Saturday Steals


Like a man whispering, “Lets take this slow,” the smells from Stateside’s kitchen are moan inducing. I’ve always found tempering such anticipation is best done with a drink. Luckily, the cocktail menu doesn’t disappoint. Impressive in its presentation, The Coconut arrives packed with rum in a freshly cracked coconut and […]


Napkin Friends

Saturday Steals: Napkin Friends

Where were these folks during my college years when I could very much have used their sandwich-esc source of greasy goodness? Aptly named after the item you’ll most definitely need – napkins – this roving food truck is dishing up a gluten free twist on sandwiches that’s been known to […]

Saturday Steals: Slab Sandwiches + Pie

Don’t come expecting a place to sit. There may be four bar stools, but there’s only enough room at the small counter for two people to plunk down their elbows and dig in. Which, is exactly what you’re going to want to do when you get your mitts on one […]

Brisket sandwich at SLAB Sandwich in Seattle

fish tacos at Freshys

Saturday Steals: Freshy’s Seafood Market

So many of the Seattle area’s hidden food gems are tucked into obscure corners and nestled beside busy streets. They can be hard to find. Their obscurity combined with heavy traffic and almost nonexistent parking can make a gal think twice about venturing out to grab a bite. That’s why […]

Saturday Steals – Mamnoon 3

In comparison to the tapestry-laden walls you may expect of a Middle Eastern restaurant, Mamnoon’s urban chic interior might seem cold. But, there’s something decidedly comforting about their open kitchen. It greets you at the front door in the way your grandmother would. Or, in the way your grandmother would […]

Lahm Bi Ajine at Mamnoon

Saturday Steals – The Whale Wins

As the weather turns here in Seattle, picnics become all but a dream. The grass is green nearly year round. But, we pay for this luxury with a September to May drizzle. It leaves Mother Nature’s lush blankets a tad bit damp, even on the warmest of fall days. I […]