Apple and Parsnip Soup 2

For years, I’ve dreamed of throwing a cocktail party – the kind where women wear dresses and men (begrudgingly) don ties. I picture myself making things like cheddar gougères and chilled snapper crudo. I imagine serving martins and manhattans. There will be jazz music and a roaring fire. Glasses will […]

apple parsnip soup


Pho 2

It seems only right we both love food. After all, our friendship began with a spoon of key lime yogurt. But in the last 17 years, our taste buds have grown considerably. Thank goodness.  Lara Louis has one of those incredibly discerning palates. She can pick out the slightest hint […]

African Vegetable Soup 7

In a small African village there is a group of women, several sewing machines, and, on occasion, an amazing woman named Janet Storton. Janet works with a group of women in a remote Ugandan mountain village. She’s helped transform the village, empowering the women with skills to provide for their […]

Woman Kapchorwa, Uganda


Perfection and Pumpkin Soup 2

                A good friend of mine once told me, “If your man invites you to dinner, don’t ask questions. Just say yes.” So, when he showed up with a pair of pants and a shirt that needed to be ironed, I got out the ironing […]

Winding Down – Stewed Lentils and Tomatoes 12

Strolling a Seattle sidewalk in heels is like stepping into an obstacle course. You have to look up to catch the cyclist barreling around the corner. You have to look down to avoid the potholes and sewage grates. There’s darting in-between traffic to make your lunch appointment on time and […]