Moments – Baked Zucchini 4

I believe initially adoring something is about your first impression. But it’s after this when you form a deeper, more honest opinion. I used to detest St. Louis for a litany of reasons. Mainly because my sister lived there instead of Seattle. I thought mashed potatoes came from the devil, […]

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award 7

Someone should tell me to read the fine print because I don’t always catch on. Somehow I didn’t realize when Manju, the amazing author of Three Tastes Tao in the Kitchen, asked me to share seven things about myself that I was being  awarded the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers […]

Carbs & Irish Car Bombs – Irish Soda Bread 8

I’m a white mutt. There must be Irish in me somewhere. I give that part of my heritage credit for San Francisco’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade being my second favorite day of the year. (My first is Christmas Eve.) It’s the day my inner leprechaun comes roaring out in a […]

Cheating Time – Panzanella Salad 4

Time is a big deal to me.  I make lists after my workout and before my first job at 7:00 AM.  Handwritten lists, so I can cross each thing off.  I parcel my time to the hour and the minute which is why I have to schedule phone dates with […]

Among the Very Few

When your computer crashes and the apple store is closed and you still have work to do and all the files you need are not the ones you have backed up online and you want to put down your head in cry, it’s the perfect time to have a friend […]

Everything Tastes Better Outside 7

There is a large tree outside the kitchen window.  Ares calls it the dinosaur tree, but I wonder what it really is.  Between its leaves I watch clouds float by in the morning and take guess on the day’s heat.  I base these guesses on how many leaves I can […]