Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award 7

Someone should tell me to read the fine print because I don’t always catch on. Somehow I didn’t realize when Manju, the amazing author of Three Tastes Tao in the Kitchen, asked me to share seven things about myself that I was being  awarded the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. At least when you’re a blogger, no one can see you blush from embarrassment. Thank you so much to Manju and Dee, author of Delicious Sweets. You both are amazingly flattering!

I have met some of the most wonderful people through this adventure with food. You have all shared bites from your kitchen and pieces of your life. It is an honor.

The award is two fold. The first part is sharing seven facts about myself. So, here goes:

1) When I was in kindergarten I decided I was going to play basketball for Sandy Schneider at Lakeside School and win a State Championship just like my sister. What can I say? Sitting on the sidelines watching your older sister win two championships, place third once, and go to State all four years as a varsity letter winner can be inspirational.
2) I am 6’0” and I rock high heels like no ones business.
3) I believe men should open my door, pull out my chair, and read books.
4) If I could only celebrate one part of Christmas for the rest of my life, it would be standing next to my family during the Christmas Eve service at my church, holding lit candles in the darkness and singing Silent Night.
5) My favorite color is crimson.
6) I hunt. (Yes, I eat what I kill. It’s the most sustainable, humane source of meat when harvested correctly.)
7) I love to smile and be with people who like to laugh.

The second part of this award is listing other bloggers I want to know seven things about. This list could go on and on, so I’m going to limit myself to 15. (If I missed you, I’m so sorry!)

Jessica – The Literary Foodie
Theresa – The Food Hunters Guide to Cuisine
Megan – Baked by Buttercup
Alyssa – Figs and Fennel
Angela – The Good Soup
Chris – Cook the Story
Sara – CaffeIna
Roberta – More Thyme Than Dough
Pam – For the Love of Cooking
Carrie – Pure and Yummy
Meg – Grow and Resist
Sarah – Pearl and Pine
Kelli – The Corner Kitchen
Pam – Sticks Forks Fingers

And the one man – Because I am open minded and he’s a really good guy.
Dan – In the Kitchen With Dan

About Mikaela Cowles

I’m a food-gobbling, book-reading, aspiring photog. Born and raised in Seattle, I love dancing in the rain, bouquets of fresh basil and green grass between my toes. I like how kneading butter into flour makes my fingers soft. I’m passionate about all things sweet potato. I prefer my coffee black, my scotch on the rocks and my steak bloody. I hunt, when I have time; play basketball; and hike. I’ve been known to laugh so hard I hyperventilate. And, I’m the owner of Making Language Count, a boutique freelance writing business.

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