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House Sitting 101 – Potato Cheese Sandwiches

House sitting can go one of two ways. I know. I’ve done a lot of it. It’s either a horrible inconvenience or a mini paid vacation. You’re either jumping at the shadows or sliding across the hardwood floor in your stocking feet while jamming to the latest country hits. Yeah, I listen to country. What of it? Continue reading

Serendipity and Jujus – Stuffed Pumpkin

Jujus' Pumpkin with yummy apple

In a far away land called California lives a young woman named Jujus.  She has big blue eyes, a wide smile and long thin legs.  (I’m slightly jealous of those legs.)  All things were beautiful and happy in Jujus world, except for one.  Her kitchen partner had disappeared and she was left to cook all by herself.

One sunny day she was driving over a large hill next to a field of cows and listening to NPR.  The subject was Stuffed Pumpkins.  “Hum,” she said, “I’d like to make that.”  But what was she to do all alone in the kitchen? Continue reading