Food Trucks

Saturday Steals – Maximus/Minimus 1

It doesn’t squeal as it drives around town, but you might when you see the Maximus/Minimus pig roll by. This larger than life rolling pork cookhouse delivers flavors worth oinking about. From the spicier Maximus pulled pork to its sweeter sister Minimus, these sandwiches are ones to remember.

Saturday Steals – Kaosamai

I pulled into the small furniture store parking lot, read the sign about how I was illegally parked, and then looked into my rearview mirror. A woman wearing headphones bobbed her head. Her tattooed legs bounced to the same silent beat. The rest of the waiting crowd to their own. […]

Saturday Steals – Where Ya At Matt? 5

As my mom took a bite of a hot beignet, she exhaled. Powdered sugar blew throughout my car. It dusted the dash, clung to the steering wheel, and coated her black pants. We giggled at the sweet white beard stuck to her face, and then we finished the rest of […]