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Welcome to the grown up sandwich shop. Here you’ll find bold flavors, crusty bread, and a drink or two if it suits your mood. (The Capitol Hill location offers happy hour from 4 – 6 PM featuring 30% off beer, wine, and fries.)

Baguette Box’s selection of warm and cold sandwiches ranges from battered chicken with sweet tangy sauce and caramelized onions to tuna packed with tarragon, parsley, capers, hardboiled eggs, and radishes. (Those adverse to cilantro will want to take note of this frequent menu star and ask for it to be left off.)

The chef often braises proteins which makes for tender, flavorful meat. Pork shoulder, pork belly, and beef consistently receive his slow cooking attention, while lamb makes noteworthy special appearances.
Sides are worth the extra calories, but these sandwiches are big enough to satisfy a hungry appetite. So consider sharing. Their beet salad is tossed in garlic olive oil for a tangy sweet taste. While their hand cut fries are good, the more expensive truffle ones are excellent.

Word to the wise, bring a jacket. Their lofted ceilings and cement floor make for a dining experience on the cold side.

Crispy Drunken Chicken: $6.90
Grilled ‘Painted Hills’ Lemongrass Steak: $8.25
Braised ‘Carlton Farms’ Pork Shoulder with Red Wine: $6.90
Braised ‘Carlton Farms’ Berkshire Pork Belly: $6.90
Hand Cut Truffle Fries: $4.80
Beet Salad: $3.50

Capitol Hill
Capitol Hill
1203 Pine Street
Seattle, WA 98101

(206) 332-0220

11am – 8pm

626 N 34th
Seattle, WA 98101

(206) 632-1511

11am – 5pm

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4 thoughts on “Baguette Box

  • Anne@FromMySweetHeart

    Oh Mikaela! How I wish I lived near you….or that you would come to D.C. and find some great restaurants to critique here! I love grown up sandwiches and this looks just fabulous! The best I can hope to do is recreate what you feature….so keep those wonderful reviews coming! : )

  • sarah

    I just noticed this place while walking home from the train station Sunday morning. I live right down the street from the Capital Hill location and that happy hour is calling my name! Monsoon and Ba Bar are probably my two favorite restaurants in Seattle so I can’t imagine how this place could be bad- thanks for the reminder!!

    • Mikaela L. Cowles Post author

      What a fun area to live in! Enjoy Happy Hour. And, I completely agree about Ba Bar. SO GOOD. I haven’t been to Monsoon yet, but it sounds like I should rectify that soon 😉