Drinks and Cocktails

Weekday Eggnog 4

I love the sound of my husband’s snore. Not the foghorn snore he makes when he’s sick. That snore is like fingernails on a chalkboard. Nor do I love the grunting snore he makes when he’s lifted too hard. That snore makes me want to sucker punch him in his […]

Weekday Eggnog

Rhubarb and Jalapeno Tonic

Rhubarb and Jalapeño Tonic 2

We’re celebrating my birthday this week!!!! I’m turning 31. THIRTY ONE! I’ve been told it’s not quite the same milestone as the big 3 – 0. And maybe it’s not. It certainly hasn’t been creeping up with the same gifts of a slowing metabolism and aging skin. (I’ve been there. […]


I’m writing you today from a leather recliner. Garrett and I are sitting on the 12th floor of a downtown Boise condo complex. Out the window I can see the capitol and beyond it brown hills. There’s a glass of iced tea and a gimlet between us. We’re “sharing” them. […]

Pour 6 ounce of the vodka into a glass and save for another use. Add 6 ounces of sweetened lime juice to the bottle of vodka. Shake. Place in the freezer until completely chilled – at least 6 hours. Serve straight up or on ice.

Fall Latte at Fonté 2

Have you seen fall? The world is on fire with color. Sadly, it won’t be much longer. The trees are losing their leaves, but don’t worry. You can still eat fall for days to come or drink it, as Fonté is quickly proving. They are serving fall in a cup. […]

Blue Angels and John Dalys 3

We used to sit on my grandmother’s roof when the Blue Angels came to town. She had one of those old school houses with a flat top that leaked in places you could never find. We’d lay on blankets and watch the planes roar over. Their sound quickly followed in […]

Bonus Steal – FREE Cocktails One Night Only 1

Steals and deals crop up in the most unexpected places. Take Banana Republic for example. Would you expect a free cocktail while shopping? Thursday, August 11 at 6 PM Banana Republic is throwing a cocktail party when they release their newest line, a limited edition Mad Men collection. Both the […]