Drinks and Cocktails

Inside My Mail Box – Salted Coffee 2

I don’t get a lot of mail. As I’ve gotten older I get more bills and less birthday invitations. It has been years since someone’s invited me to freeze tag, swimming and cake. Each month I do get a few special things – magazines. My mom subscribes me to a […]

Vanilla Cinnamon Coffee

Normally I take my coffee like my mom does.  Black.  Since I was little, I remember her telling me how she learned to drink coffee.  When she asked her grandfather for a cup, he said she could only have some if she promised, “Not to bastardize it.”  It was one […]

Note on Beer

If you are trying to cut costs, then you probably don’t want to be shelling out all kinds of dough on your alcohol.  This doesn’t mean you have to miss out.  Buy a small amount of what you and your friends like best.  I’m partial to Fat Tire.  A lot […]