Black Bean and Roasted Corn with Poached Eggs 2

Recently I went to Fort Worth, Texas. It was a whirlwind. An older southern gentleman told me I was there during a very good time. “The heat hasn’t hit,” he said, his drawl pulling at the letters. There was basketball, lots of basketball. There were drinks and bull riding. (The […]

Savory Black Bean and Roasted Corn from Baguette Taste Wonder Bread Budget

Baked Eggs 2

I’m an all in kind of girl. The emotionally messy, deeply attached kind of person. And while this has its downsides, like having the ugliest of ugly cries, I’d like to believe it also comes with upsides. There’s a lot to be learned about yourself in those moments when it […]

Eggs Poached in Salsa 7

I’m a huge advocate for boy jobs and girl jobs. Chopping wood? Boy job. Oohing and awing over a beautiful fire? Girl job. Cooking? Stay out of my kitchen. Grilling in the snow? I’ll let the boys keep that one along with opening doors, pulling out chairs, and changing tires. […]

The Best Scrambled Egg 4

This past weekend I drove over 500 miles. I played two basketball games and slept through one. I lost miserably at pool, drank a new lager, and developed a raccoon sunburn. I sat on several curbs, nearly put my hand in gum more than once, and almost lost my favorite […]