Balsamic Cherry ‘Salsa’ 2

Bright and sweet with a bit of heat, this cherry salsa is delightful enjoyed with a spoon, chips or creamy cottage cheese. It’s vegetarian and gluten-free. Skip to the recipe. Last week it rained. Last weekend it rained. This morning it rained in big, sideways sheets. But now the sun is […]

Balsamic Cherry ‘Salsa’

Slow Roasted Tomatoes 1

Working in my bedroom has its perks. It takes less than two seconds to be in my office. I never forget my phone at home (though I have lost it under the bed on occasion). And, when I end up with 15-pounds of vine-ripened tomatoes, the house smells like a […]

Sugar Free Blueberry Pies 2

In the spring of ’91… I always wanted to start a piece with that line. It has such potential. In the spring of ’91, I got my ears pierced. In the spring of ’91, it rained for 47 days straight. In the spring of ’91, my brother taught me to […]

Cranberry Muffins

Creamy Empanadas – Party Desserts 8

I work from home in sweats and slippers. I work at my couch, my bed, and my kitchen table. I work in my shower, on my stairs, and from the top of my freezer – really. Once when I was particularly antsy, I went into the laundry room and sat […]

Canary Melons 4

Stop what you’re doing. Go to the store. Buy a yellow Canary Melon. Don’t worry. I’ll wait. Trust me. You’ll thank me. Imagine honeydew meets Tahiti sun and you’ll begin to understand the Canary Melon’s sweetness. It’s extra juicy. The kind of fruit which calls for wet wipes.

Habits and Grilled Peaches 8

Peaches let their fragrance hang heavy in the air. At farmer’s markets they are the hardest working fruit, selling themselves with an unrelenting force. Hard work like that is a habit. It’s like good manners, difficult to cultivate and easy to forget. Sometimes my life gets so shaken I wake […]