Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza

Chewy crust. Cheesy, saucy goodness. Sausage. Pesto. It’s oh, so good. If you want to jump to the eating portion of this Chicago-style deep dish pizza shindig, (just click here.) I was going to publish this last week…but then Saturday’s phone call came. And I was making plane reservations, and […]

Mexican and Sausage Style Deep Dish Pizza

Younger Than My Age – Puff Pastry Pizza 3

Sometimes when my phone rings I giggle and giggle and giggle. This is not typical Cowles behavior. A Cowles is supposed to act at least two years older than their age. A Cowles should be the, “biggest girl she knows how to be.” Needless to say, I wasn’t one of […]

Lent – Jujus’ Vegetarian Ciabatta Pizza 7

I didn’t know much about Lent until college. Ash Wednesday came as a surprise. Kids walked around campus with ash crosses on their foreheads and the cafeteria wouldn’t serve meat. This wasn’t a, “you have choice” moment. It was cut and dried. If you were eating in the cafeteria, i.e. […]

Whole-Wheat Tortilla Pizza with Cabbage Carrot Slaw

Again I’m making use of the leftovers from the day before.  The Cilantro Basil Dip becomes a dressing, which is tossed with the cabbage left from the Grilled Chicken Tacos for a quick and easy salad.  Extra whole-wheat tortillas become a pizza and I have a quick dinner on the […]

Mexican Pizza

Easy dinner number three!  Best part is, I didn’t have to take the time or spend the money going to the store to have a delicious dinner.   All I had to do was whip the chicken cheese mixture left from my Green Chili Enchiladas out of the freezer to defrost.  […]