Pickled Vegetables, a sandwich condiment go-to 1

We’ve talked about wings. They are, after all, the quintessential beer drinking, football watching bar food. And while I have made it perfectly clear I enjoy my rough ‘em tough ‘em, beat ‘em to a pulp moments, I also like seeing the perfect spiral. I love the finesse of footwork. […]

Vietnamese Inspired Sandwiches 16

I recently came back from the Bay Area. It was one of those stunning Bay Area weekends–the sunny kind where the streets scream to be strolled and the air is still crisp enough to warrant a coat. I love the Bay Area. I love that you can end up on […]

Tasting a Memory – Rock Table Sandwich 6

We ate with our hands, licking Brie from our fingers. It was October of 2010 and we would have been cold if it weren’t for the over 9.5-mile hike and 2,500 feet elevation incline (peaking at 6,500 feet in elevation). Our table was our seat and our seat was a […]