Discover indulgent bites, fun activities and fabulous views from travels near and far. Travel pieces highlight my (completely unauthoritative) top picks, with an honest look at what I’d definitely do again and things I may try and do differently next time.

Eat Your Way Through Philadelphia

The flavor goodness that is Philadelphia still has me drooling in my dreams. And, I barely scratched the surface of this urban food metropolis! (Yep. I went to cheer for Alice and spent most of the time stuffing my face. Girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Because if you […]

Mikaela in Philly

Setsunai Udon Worth the Trip to Lopez Island

Setsunai – Udon Worth the Trip to Lopez Island

Noodle-packed bowls of hearty broth. Kimchi, with a bit of spice and a lot of tang. Jammy, soft-boiled egg yolk. Bright green onions. Tender sliced pork. Earthy wilted spinach. This isn’t the kind of warm, hearty goodness one would expect to find in the San Juans, where seafood rules and […]

Tucson, Arizona

We’re back from Tucson, slightly tanner and rounder than when we left. Both of which are signs of a good getaway spent cuddling, singing and driving with the top down. What follows is not meant to be an authoritative guide. It’s simply a rundown of what we ate and did. […]

Catalina Foothills

Girls at sunset

3 Days in the Bay Area

This is in no way meant to be an authoritative guide to the Bay Area. Rather, it’s a simple rundown of an epic weekend. Use it as you will. I’m starting this post in Palo Alto. From a neighborhood studded with lime trees and rose bushes. From a girlfriend getaway […]

Everything Tastes Better Outside 7

There is a large tree outside the kitchen window.  Ares calls it the dinosaur tree, but I wonder what it really is.  Between its leaves I watch clouds float by in the morning and take guess on the day’s heat.  I base these guesses on how many leaves I can […]