Danner – Boots Built to Last a Lifetime

Danners playing with Zeus

I bought my first pair of Danners four years ago – a purchase I begrudgingly made at Garrett’s insistence. (Danner’s aren’t cheap!)

Don’t tell him, but he was right. They’re as sturdy and supportive as the day I brought them home. This just reinforces the lesson I’ve learned over the years: Buy high-quality products designed to last and it’ll end up saving you in the long run. 

Danners and Hiking a rottweiler

My waterproof babies have seen their fair share of adventures and will continue to do so. But, this summer I gave them a break. While I hate to say anything negative about these classic boots, they can get a little heavy and a little hot when the temperatures start rising.

Luckily, dropping some weight didn’t mean sacrificing durability, comfort or support. Danner took their legendary hiking boot and gave it a breathable twist. Their Women’s Mountain 600 is made with EnduroWeave fabric, which offers breathability and durability.

Trading the signature leather for fabric, plus ditching the insulation and waterproof lining, made the boot substantially lighter. We’re talking 15 ounces lighter! A pair clocks in at just 27 ounces.

Danners and playing with Zeus

As an added bonus, I totally dig the heather finish. These aren’t going to be clubbing boots. Danner doesn’t make those. But it looks pretty sharp for hitting the trails, playing with Zeus or popping into a pub.

And now that Zeus is back to feeling better, I can’t wait to do all of the above with him. In fact, not to long ago we discovered one of the most chill, dog-friendly breweries around. Stay tuned for details!


Disclosure: I was blessed to get to try these boost as part of my role with explore:NW. I loved them so much, I just couldn’t resist sharing them with you! The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced by any compensation received. 


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