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Bacon Fat on Baguette Taste Wonder Bread BudgetOnly once in my life have I had better pancakes than my mom’s. Perhaps it was the fact I had them in Hawaii. But I tend to think it was the fact they were cooked in bacon fat. It certainly wasn’t because of the batter. They were made with Bisquick.

So I’m going with the bacon fat. Almost everything is better cooked in bacon fat. Brussels sprouts. Lima beans. Pheasant. Potatoes. I think cake might even be better cooked in bacon fat, but I’ve yet to try it. Has anyone else?

Last week I shared one of my favorite go-to pantry/freezer meals, Black Bean and Roasted Corn with Poached Eggs. It’s an affordable breakfast, lunch or dinner that uses two of the best things ever – bacon fat and poached eggs. So good.
BaconI also suggested you save the last of your bacon fat. Did you pour it in a jar and stick it in the fridge? A little bacon fat can give almost any dish umph. Worried about your waistline? Try substituting just 1 tablespoon of your cooking oil with bacon fat.

I typically go full bore. Go big or go home, right?

What’s your favorite thing to cook in bacon fat?


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One thought on “Flavor Boost with Bacon Fat

  • Nami | Just One Cookbook

    I’d love to hear what others favorite using bacon fat! 🙂 I personally LOVE using the bacon fat for cooking potatoes. SO good… I tend to eat too much potatoes when it’s roasted nicely. Thinking of it make me drool. I haven’t tried bacon or bacon fat with sweets. Kind of curious to try one day. 😉