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Eggplant Lasagna at Il Corovo PastaDon’t expect an intimate dining experience. Don’t take a client. (Unless you know them really well.) This isn’t a place to impress. Don’t take your grandma. The noise levels can be quite high. Don’t think you’re going to find a table right away. Il Corovo Pasta is none of these things.

Still, I’d go again. I plan to. Why? What does this small gem have? Affordable bowls of fresh made pasta. Really good pasta.
Pasta at Il Corovo PastaIf you see lasagna on the menu, order it. You won’t be disappointed. The soft ricotta plays against the fresh lasagna sheets in a thick sauce that will make you go ummm.

Who should you take? A friend who’s up for an adventure. A colleague who doesn’t expect refinement. A delightful mother who is a perfect sidekick. Yourself, if you’re prepared for diving alone into the community style seating. Because that’s what Il Corovo Pasta’s restaurant plan is. It’s a lunch only, order at the counter, seating free-for-all. And in a lot of ways, that’s pretty fun. You might find yourself sitting across from a perfect stranger, sharing bites of your pasta. (Yep. I went there. I did that.)
Pesto Pasta at Il Corovo PastaYou might find yourself talking to the owner, Mike Easton, as he scrambles to find you a table. You might catch yourself staring at all the old pasta rolling pins, presses and machines. (It’s okay. They’re beautiful.) 

Cookies at Il Corovo PastaIf you don’t have to go back to work, the $4 glasses of house tap wine might tempt you. Skip them. The glasses are small and the wine is better for slamming back quickly than sipping.

While the cookies are okay, I’d save some money there too. The pastas are the star. They are tender and flavorful, soaking in homemade sauce. They’re, well, they’re worth the visit.



Pasta: $9 – $10
House Wine (Glass): $4
Cookies: $2

217 James St.
Seattle, WA 98104

Monday – Friday lunch

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