Jones’ Family Famous Chicken and Dumplings


I’m a heart-on-your-sleeve kind of gal. My MO is not to dip my toes into the how-do-I-feel waters. I dive in headfirst. The result, especially in my younger years, has been a bit of a roller coaster.

I am an artist at turning molehills into mountains and the queen of creating uncomfortable situations.

While age has certainly been kind, I am still not without the occasional socially awkward foot-in-mouth hiccup. Luckily, my best friend loves me anyway.

She fully embraces my social faux pas – like the time I nearly fell out of my chair laughing at a bar. I believe it involved a girl explaining that her all-girls school didn’t have the same reputation as other all-girls schools. It was ‘different.’ Beer nearly came out my nose. 

What a waste that would have been.

Delirium was on tap that night, which is not only a rare find, it’s darn expensive.

For a brief moment I silenced the entire table (and some of the bar) with my awkwardness. Lara Louise laughed.

With Lara at DukeLike I said – best friends. We’ve been through the wringer together. There were countless formal dances, late nights discussing which is better – chocolate fondue or molten lava chocolate cake, seven trips to state, multiple scholarship offers, multiple graduations and multiple trips to the Little Red Hen to pretend like we know how to dance to country music.

There have also been several batches of the Jones Family’s Famous Chicken & Dumplings. It seems only appropriate that I begin my Loved Ones recipe saga with this.

I recently tied the knot with a dashing gent I’ve talked about here from time to time. There will be more to come about him, to be sure. But, right now I’m focused on a box.

Recipe BoxThis box to be precise.

The recipe box Lara bought me and helped me fill with wonderful recipes from some of the loveliest ladies in my life. She; her mom; and my newest sister, Krysta, threw me a shower. (Rumor has it, it was one of the best showers anyone who attended had ever been to. Talk about being spoiled!)

Each lady who attended and several who couldn’t make it, gave me their favorite recipe. So over the ensuing months, I’ll be sharing them among my other kitchen explorations.

But, I’ve actually already written about the Jones’ Family Famous Chicken and Dumplings. So, check it out. And make it when you’re hungry. You’ll want to have plenty of room for seconds.

Chicken and Dumplings

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