Setsunai – Udon Worth the Trip to Lopez Island

Noodle-packed bowls of hearty broth. Kimchi, with a bit of spice and a lot of tang. Jammy, soft-boiled egg yolk. Bright green onions. Tender sliced pork. Earthy wilted spinach. This isn’t the kind of warm, hearty goodness one would expect to find in the San Juans, where seafood rules and […]

Setsunai Udon Worth the Trip to Lopez Island

Mikaela Cowles

A Celebration of Firsts (and Seconds)

A few years back, I climbed into a seaplane for the first time. The 10-passenger de Havilland Otter met our group at a private dock on Lake Washington. It was a crisp and sunny afternoon – one of those brilliant early-summer days in Seattle when the clouds look like floating […]

Lemony Chicken and Kale Salad

Lemony Chicken and Kale Salad

Lemon loaded dressing spiked with garlic and honey. Shredded chicken. Refreshing cucumber. Tangy artichoke hearts. Unctious feta. Crispy garbanzo beans. Nutrient-packed kale. Want to just jump to the recipe? Do so here. 

Balsamic Cherry ‘Salsa’ 2

Bright and sweet with a bit of heat, this cherry salsa is delightful enjoyed with a spoon, chips or creamy cottage cheese. It’s vegetarian and gluten-free. Skip to the recipe. Last week it rained. Last weekend it rained. This morning it rained in big, sideways sheets. But now the sun is […]

Balsamic Cherry ‘Salsa’

Pineapple-Strawberry Popsicles

Pineapple-Strawberry Popsicles

With just the tiniest bit of honey and loaded with fruit, these homemade popsicles are a guilt-free treat perfect for a hot summer day. Skip to the recipe. We may have enough tennis balls in our yard to outfit the entire US Open – if (of course) the Williams sisters […]