Protein Loaded Thai Chicken Salad

Tahini and coconut milk are spiked with spicy chili paste and tart lime, making this sauce unctuous enough you’ll want to lick the bowl. Loaded with hearty veggies, packed with protein-rich chicken and quinoa, and topped with bright bean sprouts, this make-ahead salad is a surefire way to simplifying your […]

Protein Loaded Thai Chicken Salad

Apple Pie Bars

Apple Pie Bars 2

If apple pie and butter loaded shortbread had a baby, these Apple Pie Bars would be the result. Adapted (ever so slightly) from Ina Garten’s, they’re loaded with the fall flavored goodness of roasted apples. They sport an unctuously satisfying shortbread crust. And, the crust gets a simple dress-up to […]

Eat Your Way Through Philadelphia

The flavor goodness that is Philadelphia still has me drooling in my dreams. And, I barely scratched the surface of this urban food metropolis! (Yep. I went to cheer for Alice and spent most of the time stuffing my face. Girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Because if you […]

Mikaela in Philly

Sautéed Corn and Black Bean Salad

I realize posting about black bean and corn salad may seem lame, what with fall just around the corner and sweater weather creeping in like Zeus during a nap – smacking you in the face with its bull-like head. But y’all, it’s always a good time of year for Sautéed […]

Sautéed Corn and Black Bean Salad

Danners playing with Zeus

Danner – Boots Built to Last a Lifetime

I bought my first pair of Danners four years ago – a purchase I begrudgingly made at Garrett’s insistence. (Danner’s aren’t cheap!) Don’t tell him, but he was right. They’re as sturdy and supportive as the day I brought them home. This just reinforces the lesson I’ve learned over the […]