Paseo's Caribbean Roast came snuggly wrapped in layers of paper, which is good because the sandwich leached pork fat and spilled fillings like that was its job. But the tender meat and roasted onion was well worth the mess.

It’s almost un-Seattleite to admit one has never tasted the slow-roasted, sloppy pork goodness of a Paseo sandwich. But prior to the hoopla of closing doors and social media outcries, the veritable lack of parking and indoor seating made a Paseo visit difficult to fit in the schedule. 

Luckily for this Seattleite, times have changed. Albeit not very well heated, the new location in SODO features a plethora of indoor seating. On weekdays, street parking’s not too hard to come by. And, the proximity to the Macrina Bakery means, if somehow the stomach gods grace you with a bottomless pit, dessert isn’t far away.

A veritable explosion of flavor and food, Paseo’s staple sandwich – the Caribbean Roast ($9.75) – might make you think twice about eating with your hands. And, don’t even consider trying to down this one in the car.

While it came snuggly wrapped in layers of paper, the sandwich leached pork fat and spilled fillings like that was its job. But the tender meat and roasted onion was well worth the mess. At less than $10, the monstrosity could easily have been shared.

The 'Fish of the Day' sandwich at Paseo.

Though still messy, I found the Fish of the Day sandwich ($10.75) was easier to manage. However, the day’s offering of pan-seared cod wasn’t quite as voluptuously proportioned as its pork sister. Nor did it pack the same yeeeeah-man flavor.

West Caribbean Bowl at Paseo

As an alternative to the formidable sandwiches, the West Caribbean Bowl ($13.75) didn’t disappoint. It wasn’t the same bang-for-your buck, but you could easily consider the extra cost a valuable investment in preserving your wardrobe. The generous base of jasmine rice came smothered in black beans and a warm salsa – perfect for a drizzly Seattle day. It was topped with a moist chicken thigh, a sprinkling of cheddar, and a dollop of sour cream. Tortilla chips and pickled jalapenos are also typically thrown into the mix. (I’d highly recommend asking for the peppers on the side. They’re spicy!)

Needless to say – if you haven’t been to Paseo – you’ll probably want to rectify that mistake.

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