Peach Pops

Made with ripe peaches and yogurt, these Peach Pops are the perfect summer treat – sweet, refreshing and guilt-free! Jump to the recipe.

Peach Pops made with peaches and yogurt

I guess it’s as good a time as any to admit I don’t gracefully handle Mother Nature’s extremes. This is not for lack of effort. You’ll be hard pressed to hear me complain about the cold or whine about the heat. I don’t. I haven’t since I was 7-years-old when my brother banned temperature-whining. But like any self-respecting, emotionally-abundant, life enthusiast, I wear my feelings on my face. 

Catch me at 110 degrees Fahrenheit and you’ll see the pained look of perspiration drip from my hairline. Find me in a goose blind at 20 degrees and I’ll be shaking.

I’m a 68 – 72, sweats and blanket kind of gal. If you’re thinking “spoiled,” I prefer the term well taken care of.

And I am. I have a warm man on whom to put my feet in the dead of winter and a box of ripe peaches in the fridge, chilled and ready to become a refreshing lunch. (Or popsicles. We’ll get there.) What can I say – he knows the way to my heart.

(Side Note: My birthday was AAAAAMazing. Thank you for all the birthday wishes, wise tidbits, and tasty bites. A special shout out to Alice, Cole, and Garrett. They pulled off an epic surprise dinner at one of the places I’ve been dying to try – Lark. The appetizers were flavor bombs. The drinks came in snazzy glasses that reminded me of the 50s. The entrees were designed for lingering. And the dessert – a flourless chocolate cake – had the kind of velvet texture you can’t help but roll around your tongue while moaning, “Yeah baby, yeah.”)

Which brings me back to the temperature, the peaches, and Seattle’s first summer heat wave. It wasn’t any 100-degree scorcher. (We don’t get those, thank the Big Man upstairs.) It was a more manageable heat, the kind that calls for a dip in the lake, a deep dish pizza cooked on the grill, and popsicles eaten on the deck.

Growing up we used to make homemade popsicles with sugar-packed juice. I took a little healthier route. These fruit-loaded yogurt pops are a sweet and satisfying treat you never have to feel guilty enjoying. Made with one of those ripe peaches we have in the fridge, they’re molded in animal figures! Summer’s never tasted so good.



Peach Pops

Makes 2

Depending on the size of your peach, you might be able to stretch this to three pops.

1 Ripe peach, peeled and cubed
1 TBS lime juice
3 TBS Greek yogurt

Add peach, lime juice, and yogurt to a blender. Process briefly, until mixture becomes a thick liquid with small chunks.

Fill Popsicle molds with mixture. Add sticks. Freeze for at least 8 hours. Enjoy!

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