Quinoa Salad with Golden Raisins and Green Peas 4

Peas + Quinoa + Golden Raisins = an affordable recipe that’s as tasty to eat as it is fast to make. If you want to skip the bits about my sister, you can jump to the recipe right here.

Quinoa Salad with Golden Raisins and Green Peas

The kitchen is one of my happy places. I love all the testing and tinkering. Feeding people brings me immense joy.

For my sister, this couldn’t be further from the truth. I forget this sometimes. I forget that other people – sane people – look at a 12 or 20 step recipe and cringe.

These are the folks who thrive in other places. They are the crafty gals who make handmade ornaments and DIY greeting cards. They are the gents who change their own oil and build their own fence.

My sister, for example, is an amazing counselor. She’s the kind of person with whom you just start talking. She plays with her kids. Actually plays with them! I’m talking dolls and trucks and make-believe. She’s organized. Oh. So. Organized. Everything in her house has a place.

Sure, we’re the same in a lot of ways. We have the same nose, are similarly well endowed in our posterior, and both love great hugs. We both like to write. (She’s a wizard with words.) We both love a good cocktail. And, we both have a tendency to be a little bit silly.

And while she doesn’t particularly care for the kitchen, unless it involves holding a glass of wine and keeping me company, I think she can handle this one. It’s tasty. It’s easy. And, it’s affordable. As an added bonus, it tastes great on its own or can be topped with chicken for a one-pot meal.

I originally made this recipe to go with a curried chicken salad. But the chicken salad still needs some tinkering. (I promise to share when it’s finished.) And, this quinoa dish is just too yummy not to share right away.


Quinoa Salad with Golden Raisins and Green Peas


1 cup Quinoa
2 cups water
¾ cup golden raisins
¾ cup frozen petite green peas
Salt to taste


Add quinoa and water to a medium saucepan and bring to a simmer. Cover and cook for 15 minutes or until liquid is complete absorbed.

Add golden raisins, green peas, and salt as desired. Stir to incorporate.

Serve warm or cold.


P.S. Have a quinoa recipe you love? Please share it with me. Quinoa is great carb for Garrett because it’s so high in protein. I’m always looking for new ways to utilize it.

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