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Oysters are not as expensive per pound as saffron or caviar, but they are by no means a budget friendly food. Which is why, Happy Hour at Elliot’s Oyster House is such an amazing deal – just 50 cents an oyster!

Let me put these 50 cents in perspective. At the Marshall Store I paid $2.00 an oyster. Lecosho’s occasional oyster Sunday specials sell for $1.00 each. Sam’s in Half Moon Bay offers their chefs choice oysters for $1.00. So 50 cents? That’s something I can get behind.

What’s the catch? Happy Hour begins at 3:00 PM. Every half hour the oysters are 25 cents more, until 5:30 when they are $1.75 each.

So, get there early. Don’t stroll in at 3:00. Be there by 2:45 at the latest. You’ll have to wait 15 minutes for Happy Hour to start, but you’ll be waiting in a chair, at a table. The rest of the suckers will watch you enjoy your 50 cent delights while the price continues to climb.

Elliot’s fantastic Happy Hour deal comes with the added bonus of a fantastic view. Located on Pier 56, it hangs over the water. On warmer days, consider eating your oysters in the bar and then moving to the patio for a beer.

(To be fair to the other fantastic restaurants, Elliot’s oysters tend to be on the smaller side. They aren’t dressed up with cheesy, spicy goodness. Furthermore, unlike Lecosho’s wide variety of choices, Elliot’s offers just one a day.)

Happy Hour Oysters:
3:00 PM $0.50
3:30 PM $0.75
4:00 PM $1.00
4:30 PM $1.25
5:00 PM $1.50
5:30 PM $1.75

Additional Happy Hour Options (I would recommend)
Blackened Rockfish Taco: $3.00
Pan Fried Oysters: $4.00
Salmon Slider: $4.00
Ahi Poke: $4.00
Elliott’s Amber: $4.00

p.s. Thank you Lara Louise and Mrs. Zupke for joining me for another fabulous steal.


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5 thoughts on “Saturday Steals – Elliot’s Oyster House

  • Jessica @The Literary Foodie

    I am a complete sucker for oysters and I have spent way more than I should have at times that I have had a craving. With that said Oyster happy hours are a great find and this one is all the better for the creative idea of the price change. It almost makes it into a sport. One of my favorite Oyster memories was at a happy hour in vancouver. Also: have you read “Sex, Death, and Oysters” by Mark Walsh? Great read and you will leave it knowing more about oysters then you will ever need.

  • Anne

    Mikaela…..I love your Saturday Steals! This looks like such a cool place! And ya know….I would be there at 3 on the dot! (Does it get crowded at 3?) I haven’t had oysters in a while. But I hope you enjoyed! : )