Saturday Steals: Freshy’s Seafood Market

fish tacos at Freshys

So many of the Seattle area’s hidden food gems are tucked into obscure corners and nestled beside busy streets. They can be hard to find. Their obscurity combined with heavy traffic and almost nonexistent parking can make a gal think twice about venturing out to grab a bite.

Freshys Seafood Market located at an old gas station

That’s why stumbling across a gas station turned seafood mart on Mercer Island was exponentially refreshing. The open-air seating at Freshy’s Seafood Market sprawled liberally from the kitchen into the parking lot and around the former gas pumps. (Don’t worry. The gas is long gone.)


The staff was friendly, moving with a decidedly sure rhythm as they dished up plate after plate of fish filled goodness. Construction workers, businessmen and moms shared picnic tables, plunking their elbows side-by-side and passing the bottles of hot sauce.

Freshy's Seafood Market

The seafood-based menu featured a variety of fish and chips, tacos, wraps, sandwiches and soups. The best bang-for-your-buck was their Cod Po’Boy, featuring a lightly battered and fried cod served on a fresh roll with coleslaw and Freshy’s zesty sauce ($8.99).


Freshys Seafood MarketHowever, for just a few dollars more you could get three grilled Rockfish Tacos – fresh rockfish with a shredded cilantro-romaine salad ($10.99). Tempted by the Blackened Salmon Tacos ($15.99)? They were good. However, they weren’t so stellar they warranted the extra $4.


Freshy’s Seafood Market
2411 76th Ave SE
Mercer Island, WA 98040


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