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How do you eat your apple?  Are you a sliced guy who digs at the peanut butter jar with your crisp wedge?  Maybe you’re an applesauce baby?  Does your mommy peel it?  Perhaps you’re a tough woman who snaps hunks from the core in big juicy bites as you drive down the freeway?

I am a cored, ringed and grilled gal myself.  I’ll eat them any which way (with the exception of applesauce – that should be left to babies). Given my druthers, I like them bathed in butter and syrup, warm and slightly charred, served with a few slices of pork tenderloin.

My mom first discovered a Grilled Apple Ring recipe when I wasn’t home.  She and my dad called to brag.  Lucky for me I didn’t know what I was missing.  That was then. Now when they call, it’s a different story.

Over the years, my mom’s version has changed.  The use of Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup makes it less expensive than the original maple.  Plus as she says, “Who doesn’t want a little more buttery flavor?”  I think she and Paula Dean may be kindred spirits.

Yes, these are a little labor intensive.  Just think of them as rings of love.  They’re sweet enough to be dessert, but they’re served at dinner – you’re sure to win everyone over.  A word of advice: one apple per person.  Not half an apple people.  ONE PER PERSON.  You’ll thank me after dinner.

Grilled Apple Rings
Serves 4

The quantity of butter and syrup listed here is a great amount.  In my family though, we always like a little more.  My dad likes a higher butter and syrup to apple ratio.  He prefers to baste them while they cook.

4 Apples
4 TBS  Maple Syrup (We use Mrs. Butterworth)
4 TBS Butter, melted
2 TBS Cinnamon (plus more to taste.  My mom says there’s never too much)

Cutting The Apples
You can use a tool to core the apple. If you don’t have one, don’t buy one.  We use a knife.

Coring with a knife: At the top of each apple around the stem, carefully ease in a small pairing knife on an angle toward the center of the apple.  Continue making small insertions, all the way around the apple, until you can ease out the stem and surrounding flesh.

Repeat this process on the bottom of the apple.  Moving between the stem side and the bottom side of the apple, continue hollowing out the core until the two open ends of the apple connect.  You will be able to see through the apple at this point.
Note:  Don’t let little kids help while you are coring the apples, but once they are cored, it’s a fabulous make-believe telescope.

Then cut a thin slice off the top and bottom of each apple.  Turn each apple on its side and cut them in half.  Then cut each half in half, creating four apple rings per apple.

Basting and Grilling
Combine melted butter, syrup and cinnamon in a 9” x 13” pan.  Dip each apple into the pan, coating both sides.
Note: It’s best to leave the apples in the pan, so none of the syrup mixture goes to waste.  To make everything fit you just get a little creative (stacking is a family favorite).  They don’t ever fit in the pan the same way twice.

Grill indirectly on medium heat for 15-20 minutes, flipping every 5 minutes.  The rings are done when a fork goes into them with very little resistance.

Serve warm.  Don’t worry. There won’t be any leftovers.

I’m definitely a cored, ringed and grilled kind of gal.  How about you?

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