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The funniest moments stick with you. Or perhaps, just the most embarrassing ones, like the time I asked Liz Thorpe who wrote The Cheese Chronicles at her own book signing. I pit out my shirt so quickly I couldn’t even think not to raise my arms. Luckily, I’m sure she didn’t notice the massive wet stains as I stumbled over myself and shook her hand.

Let me tell you for a second about this woman. She’s the kind of lady who pursued cheese so she could answer the classic dinner party question, “What do you do,” with “I do cheese.” Man. I do cheese. There are just so many delicious ways to take that. I’ll leave them to your imagination.

I often think of that night, that sweating, cheek burning night, when I pull a wedge, a log, or a block of cheese from the refrigerator. Man, I could do cheese all over the place.

Here’s the deal though, not all cheeses are created equal. That’s why it can be so damn pricy! Really good cheese, the kind that might cause you to cut your tongue on a butter knife in hopes of the last remnants, can take a chunk out of your pocket book.

But, sometimes you can take a cheese and elevate it. Goat cheese, that log of earthy, barnyard flavor can at times be chalky. This is especially true of the more affordable versions we find in the grocery store. But luckily you can eliminate that chalkiness with a little half-and-half.

Whipped Goat Cheese

Cut this recipe in half or even a fourth if you aren’t going to use it all within the week. 

1 8-ounce log goat cheese
½ cup half-and-half (plus more as needed)

Place cheese and half-and-half in a food processor. Blend until smooth and fluffy. Add more half-and-half as needed.

Serve as a dip with roasted garlic, use as a sandwich spread or lick from a spoon – whatever suits your fancy. It also makes a really good topping for crusty bruschetta with a touch of your favorite jam.


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